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The WPSA is back!

Micheal Busch, Stephen Hale, and Eric Moneypenny have combined forces once again to create a comedy monster.

The WPSA (Michael Busch, Anthony Deptula, Stephen Hale, and Eric Moneypenny) reunited their sketch group in 2005 after two years.  Then, after one show, Anthony Deptula quit.  But Busch, Hale, and Moneypenny have forged on, working with Zach Paez and a new director (B.J. Porter from HBO's "Mr. Show") to create fun comedy that almost fifteen percent of everyone can enjoy.  We're on to something.  We've hosted Comedy Death Ray, performed at ImprovOlympic West, Second City LA, and in many different shows at UCB Theatre LA

To learn more about the crazy stuff we used to do,
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To contact the WPSA and their collective positive energy, please e-mail michael.busch@gmail.com

Click here to meet our German friends, the sketch comedy group der Blutsturz!

WPSA has VIDEOS for you to watch.

If you don't get them...it's not us, it's you!

The WPSA Presents Themselves!
(all new show, all new videos)

January 28 - UCB Theatre LA
February 11 - UCB Theatre LA

Old 2003 Shit
Aug. 17 -New photo galleries!
May 3 - The WPSA Artwork page.
April 24 - Pictures from 4/15 show.
Welcome to the official home of The Winchester Preparatory Sketch Academy.
If you don't want to see sketch comedy taken to a higher level, don't come to our shows.  
If you like boring, staid, predictable comedy that looks like it's conceived and performed 
by a bunch of uneducated doofii, do us a favor and please stay home. The artform of comedy
has been called out.  By us.  We're raising the bar. (By the way, we wrote this part of the site
when we were 22 and 23. ...We're 24 and 25 now, so we really don't care anymore.)

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